VTE Online

Volt Technical Education (VTE) performs software research, develops and delivers software training classes, and creates software-related technical content. VTE is a division of Volt Information Sciences, Inc., a company with over $1.0 billion in annual revenue.

VTE is an industry leader in the field of instructor-led software-related education. Courses are taught in dedicated labs and on-site with VTE's Virtual Labs. All labs can accommodate up to 20 employee/students at a time and have state-of-the-art hardware and software. VTE's Virtual Labs consist of 20 server-class laptops connected via IEEE 802.11x wireless technology. VTE can bring education to the employee rather than requiring the employee to go to the education.

The VTE course catalog consists of over 200 courses. Classes include beginning, intermediate, and advanced ASP.NET Web development, C# and .NET programming, VB.NET programming, JavaScript Programming, SQL Server Programming, SQL Server Administration, PowerShell Programming, XML Programming, Project Management, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Programming, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Programming, Silverlight Programming, Web Services Programming, Perl Programming, Python Programming, PHP Programming, ADO.NET Programming, F# Programming, MySQL Programming, COM Programming, Test Automation, AJAX Programming, Encryption and Hashing, and other technologies.

VTE specializes in the creation of software-related technical content. VTE has produced intellectual property for a wide range of industry leading technology publications. VTE's full-time staff is supplemented by world-class experts in their fields - typically former Development Leads at companies like Microsoft. VTE's management team holds advanced degrees from major institutions and VTE is a member of the leading educational organizations..